FRIDAY: Elite Individuals, Elite Trio Teams, Master Divisions

For Time
8 Minute Time Cap

50m Swim
45 Air Squats
50m Swim
30 Air Squats
50m Swim
15 Air Squats
50m Swim

Workout Description

Athletes will begin in the water with one hand on the wall. No diving allowed and no diving blocks will be used. On the call of 3,2,1 Go, Athletes will begin the first 50 meter swim. This will be completed in a 25 meter pool. The athlete must clearly touch each end of their designated lane to score a point. 25 meters = 1 point. Once completed, Athletes will exit their lane and proceed to the designated area to perform air squats. Repeating this pattern until the workout is complete or the time cap has been reached. Your score will be your time or reps completed in the 8 minute time cap.

Movement Standards


  • Any stroke is acceptable.
  • You must clearly touch each end of your lane before starting the next lap.
  • Flip turns are allowed if movement standards are met.
  • No dive blocks or diving permitted.

Air Squat

  • This is a standard air squat.
  • Crease of hip must be clearly seen below the top of the knee.
  • Full extension of the knee and hip must be reached at the top of each rep.
  • Your hands and arms may not come into contact with your body at any time.