Clean to Overhead

Stage 1
0:00-2:00 minutes - 95/65lb -> 25 reps

Stage 2
2:00-4:00 minutes - 155/105lb -> 15 reps
*Tie Break time to finish 15 reps*

Stage 3
4:00-6:00 minutes - AMRAP @ 205/135lb

Workout Description

Athletes will begin standing on their platform with the barbell loaded. On the call of 3,2,1 go athletes will have 2-minutes to complete 25 reps and load their bar to the next weight. If you finish the repetitions within the 2-minute window you advance to the next stage. For stage 2, you have 15 repetitions to complete and change your weight for the final stage. Your tie-breaker will be your time to finish stage 2. Once stage 3 has begun, it is an all out 2-minute AMRAP at the final weight. Your score will be your total repetitions completed in all stages with your finish time of stage 2 being your tie-breaker. Athletes are responsible for unloading and loading their own barbells. Athletes must utilize a clean to overhead, no snatching will be allowed.

Movement Standards


- The bar must start on the ground and be lifted to the shoulders will elbows clearly in front of the barbell. The knees and hips must be fully extended at the top of each repetition.
- Squat, split, power or muscle variations are acceptable.


- The bar must be taken from the shoulders to the overhead position. The knees and hips must be fully extended at the top of each repetition.
- Press, push press, push jerk, split jerk is acceptable provided the movement standards are met.
- No back rack will be allowed.